Las Vegas Escorts Suggested Sex Positions for Pregnancy

Las Vegas Escorts Suggested Sex Positions for Pregnancy

When you are trying to conceive, certain changes had to make during sex to increase the chances of pregnancy.

According to las vegas escorts, the aim of sex completely changes from pleasure to perfection when a couple wants to have a baby. Although certain things need to keep in mind like having sex during the most fertile days of the month, having regular sex to not miss any chance, and doing everything properly to avoid any happening or mistakes.

Sex positions do play a role in pregnancy as there are various effects on the transfer of sperm to the fertile egg by the sex position you choose. Vegas escorts suggested some sex positions which will increase your chances of conceiving and getting pregnancy results faster.

Escort suggested Sex Positions for getting pregnant

These are some of the best sex positions to choose from to increase your chances of getting pregnant. These are:-

  • Classic missionary:- classic missionary is a wonderful position for having a baby. This is the position that gives you full comfort and full accessibility to each other with 100% skin contact. You just have to lie down and your guy does the work while you make eye contact and enjoy.
  • Bent knees:- bend knees is a more advanced version of the missionary in which you lift your legs and wrap them around a guy giving a deeper penetration. This position gives sperm the best shot to fertilize the egg.
  • Legs in the air:- Legs in the air give your guy full control over you in which he can thrust without any barriers. In starting it feels a little irritating raising your legs but with time this position will start getting pleasurable.
  • The cat poses:- The cat poses or also known as the Coital alignment technique is a pose in which the partner’s bodies are positioned at such an angle that the man’s cheat aligns with the woman’s shoulders and it gives maximum clitoral stimulation while having sex. This pose is good for making babies.
  • The butterfly:- In this pose, you lie down on your back while opening your legs wide from the edge of the bed, the men hold your ass and lift you a little higher while penetrating. It gives the maximum g-spot penetration.
  • Edge of the bed:- Lie down on edge of the bed and place your feet at your man’s chest, when he penetrates in this position, the sperm reaches the desired location without any pain or irritation.
  • Leg wrap:- Leg wrap is an amazing update to the missionary position in which, when a guy penetrates his penis into your vagina, you wrap your legs around his thighs and this provides the most sensational sex ever.

Following these las vegas escorts suggest sex positions will surely make you conceive a baby faster.


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